Edgewater Investment Group

  • David A. Szafranski

    President, EIG

David is the President and founder of Edgewater Investment Group. David is degreed in economics and schooled in finance. His money management experience is utilized on behalf of his clientele on a daily basis, through advising individuals and businesses on money management decisions, leadership, and continuing business and company structure issues. David's leadership qualities and strong ideas have given him exposure to some of the world's most successful people and companies.

Founder and host of the weekly radio broadcast "Financial Strategies," hundreds of thousands of people have heard David's advice on money management and leadership. David has been directly involved in managing individual, public and private companies, foundation, and local government money for over 30 years. This experience allows a very broad-based perspective for David and his clients.

David has worked with dozens of athletes from the NFL, NBA and MLB, and several people from the entertainment world. Athletes and entertainers seek David out for his unique experience in the field of sudden money financial planning. We have been working with athletes and entertainers for nearly two decades and have experience that few others can boast of.

David is often invited to speak to groups regarding the subjects of leadership, faith and money. David has appeared on the nationally syndicated radio broadcast "Money Matters," on News Channel 5's "The Morning Exchange," on "That's Life" with Robin Swoboda on Cleveland's Fox 8, and on WCRF's "Midday Connection."

David spent ten years in the United States Army, becoming a decorated soldier and demolitions expert during his tenure, and was recognized for his leadership and physical fitness capabilities. As David often says, "There is nothing like the camaraderie of a group of soldiers working together to achieve a worthy and righteous goal."

"If you know a soldier, the family of a soldier, or are aware of a soldier living in your neighborhood, please take the time to thank them for the sacrifice they are making on our behalf. The cost of freedom continues to be one of the highest priced commodities there is, and there are people willing to pay the price for us. May God bless them and their families that they would come back home to us safely."

David lives in the lovely small town of Vermilion, Ohio with his wife, LaVonne, three dogs, Lydia, Penny and Pixie.